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Review of Top Wedding Photography Studios In Singapore

Here are my two cents on the wedding photography studios in Singapore and which ones I recommend you and your fiance to pick.

First of all, you need to decide if you want to take indoor photoshoots or outdoor photoshoots. Most wedding photography studios in Singapore only provide one type of wedding photography service or the other and few provide both.

Second of all, there are some people who prefer engaging a single photographer versus engaging a studio which will simply dedicate an available but professional wedding photographer to them.

With the above two points in our minds, let us move on with our discussions…

If you prefer outdoor photography with a single photographer, check out Kent Wong. I would have to say that he got that many Facebook likes because his wedding photographs are really popular and nice. The downside with 1 single photographer is that he would usually be very busy and his assistant’s skill would be a far cry from his.

On the other hand, if you want to work with an outdoor wedding photography studio, then Grandeur Wedding Studio is your ideal choice. The difference between Grandeur Wedding Studio and a single photographer like Kent Wong is that, with Grandeur, their photographers are all equally good and professional, and they have more timeslot availability. Hence, you will not need to worry about sub-par photographs or lack of suitable timeslots if you were to engage a outdoor wedding photography studio like Grandeur. If you want to engage their photography services, contact them here.

If you want indoor photoshoots with a single photographer, check out 36 Frames. The main photographer there is Ruey Loon and he’s a friendly guy. His studio may be simple and not too big, but I have seen his pictures on his portfolio and they look really decent. Contact Ruey Loon at 98573665.

If you want indoor photography with a studio in Singapore, then find Serangoon Broadway Studio & Bridal Palace Pte Ltd. They provide graduation gowns and photo shoots, but their main business is providing bridal gowns and photo shoots for the others parts of the year. Feel free to contact them at 62933998.