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Choosing A Singapore Wedding Photography Studio

Picking the right Singapore wedding photography studio can make you very happy and pleased with the final results and not worry about a single thing. However, picking the wrong wedding photography can be absolutely disastrous. I have read stories by brides on online Singapore forums sharing about their horrible experience with their wedding photographer and that has made them very unhappy each time they looked at their wedding photos because it reminded them of the photographer. I do not want that to happen to you and that is why I want to review some of the popular wedding photography studios in Singapore and share my thoughts as well as advice with you.

1. Grandeur Wedding

Based at 16 Purvis St, Grandeur Wedding Studio is one of the more prestigious wedding photography studios in Singapore. They take very beautiful pre-wedding and actual day wedding photographs in my opinion. Although they offer ROM wedding photo shoot and videography services in Singapore as well, they advertise and market their pre-wedding and AD wedding photography much more so I believe that is where their strength lies. I have seen their pictures and many of my friends have too. I believe my cousin had pre-wedding videography and a friend had AD photography with Grandeur Wedding Studio. I like looking at the pictures they took and edited, and I urge any couple to check out their website if they’re interested in having pre-wedding or actual day wedding photography in Singapore.

2. Pixioo

In my opinion, Pixioo has relatively decent wedding photographs as well. If Grandeur Wedding’s images have a more glitzy feeling, then Pixioo has a more ‘next-door’ feeling. It’s not my cup of tea but for couples who prefer such photographs, you must check out Pixioo. I have 2 friends (meaning 2 couples) who got their wedding photography with Pixioo and their photographs looked really cute.

I have good impressions of Bloc Memoire and Nat Studios (more of overseas photography) as well, but because I didn’t have friends who actually tried them out in reality, I’m not sure how they would be if you actually engaged them, so I prefer not to review Singapore wedding photography studios which I don’t really know yet. Hope the above helped.

What makes a good wedding photographer

As fellow wedding photographers in Singapore, we have extreme pride and passion in our wedding photography jobs. It is this very pride and passion we have in our job that pushed us to constantly improve our photography skills and reach new plateau. We want to dedicate this post to the aspiring wedding photographers to let them understand whether they are cut out to be a good wedding photographer. In addition, this post is also for the general public to know more about the wedding photographers in Singapore who are very seldom featured in the different medias.

So, what makes a good wedding photographer?

In our opinions, a good wedding photographer must possess these traits:

1. Deep passion for photography
A deep passion can push you far into any industry you venture into. It gives you the motivation and power to continue learning the trades and skills needed in the industry. Without passion, you will find yourself slacking around and not making full use of the time to upgrade yourself to stay relevant in the industry. Your photography skills will only improve greatly over time if you have the passion for photography. If you want to come in for the money, then I will suggest you try other industry as they is not enough to push you hard enough to attain a good level of photography skills.

2. Meticulous
A wedding photographer must have an eye for details. He must notice the small details on the objects or the backgrounds when taking pictures. Any slight change in the details may affect the whole picture. In addition, he must also be detailed when doing the post photo shoot editing of the photographs so that he will be able to produce fabulous wedding photographs for the customers.

3. Caring
A good wedding photographer is also a caring one. He must take note of the couples’ energy levels and moods throughout the photo shoot. If he feels that the couples may be a little tired or moody, he should call for a short break to let the couples recharged and freshen up a little. The couples will feel their hearts warmed and be appreciative of this caring effort. This will also tighten the bond between the photographer and the couples.

You can see that we only focused on traits and personalities of the person instead of skills. This is because we strongly believe that with a good personality, you will be able to acquire the relevant skills eventually and succeed as a wedding photographer. If you possess these traits, we welcome you to join Grandeur Wedding Studio (www.grandeurweddingstudio.com) as an intern to learn wedding photography skills from the experts. Soon, you will be qualified enough to handle the actual wedding photo shoots.