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Choosing A Bridal Gown

One of the most important things that all brides in Singapore must know is that wedding gowns will only look good on you, not because they look good, but because they suit you most.

Therefore, you need to know how to find a wedding dress in Singapore that best suits you. Many brides think they got this, but in reality, they do not know what they are doing. Do not ruin your big day by nursing a big ego.

Here are some tips from a professional bridal gown boutique in helping you pick a gown that actually suits you and will make you look so good. (Feel free to just watch the above video if you’re too lazy to read instead)

– If you want to make your waist look smaller, you should choose a chiffon wedding gown which rouches to one side. This is pretty effective at making your waist look smaller – which is what virtually every bride wants.

– Balance the shoulder with the hips. You do not want a much broader looking set of shoulders relative to your hips or you would very masculine, and you also do not want an overly big set of hips or you would not look very proportional.

– If you want to accent your bustline, then you should have a modified sweetheart neckline. That works really well in helping you improve the looks of your bust when you’re in your wedding gown. Another way to help you accentuate your bustline as well as make your waist look smaller is to wear a pretty belt.

– If you want to accentuate your arms, then opt for a wedding gown with off shoulder sleeves. These work great at drawing attention to your arms. Brides with fantastic looking arms might want to get a Singapore wedding gown with off shoulder sleeves.