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Wedding videography and photography are two different niches

Wedding videography and wedding photography are two completely different niches. There is a common stereotype that all wedding photographers are able to take wedding videos as well. This is completely untrue. Well, even though photography and videography is very similar, the techniques to excel in them are highly different.

Just like how a photographer needs to take years to perfect his photography skills, a videographer will also need to spend a huge amount of time to perfect his videography skills. There are different considerations when taking photographs and videos. For instance, the wedding photographer will need to stabilize his hands when he is about to capture a shot. The wedding videographer, on the other hand, needs to stabilize his hands all the time when the video is recording.

Hence, if you want to purchase bridal videography services, you have got to look for wedding studios or individual wedding videographers. Some wedding photography studios have in-house bridal videographers as well. The only group of people that will not be likely to offer you videography service are the individual wedding photographers.

Wedding photographers usually will want to concentrate on taking photographs. They will not venture into professional videography. Even if they take up videography in their leisure time as a side hobby, they will still want to offer only wedding photography services. This is because a good wedding photographer will get countless of wedding photography leads in Singapore every year. He will find his schedule packed just by going for the wedding photo shoots. He has no spare time for other professional activities. Besides, if the photographers diversify their time away from photography, their photography skills may be rusty over time. This will affect their main source of income from wedding photography. It is always better to be master of one, rather than jacks of all trades.

So next time if you want to engage both bridal photography service and bridal videography service, do not be surprised that different people will be taking pictures and videos for you.