Review of Top Wedding Photography Studios In Singapore

Here are my two cents on the wedding photography studios in Singapore and which ones I recommend you and your fiance to pick.

First of all, you need to decide if you want to take indoor photoshoots or outdoor photoshoots. Most wedding photography studios in Singapore only provide one type of wedding photography service or the other and few provide both.

Second of all, there are some people who prefer engaging a single photographer versus engaging a studio which will simply dedicate an available but professional wedding photographer to them.

With the above two points in our minds, let us move on with our discussions…

If you prefer outdoor photography with a single photographer, check out Kent Wong. I would have to say that he got that many Facebook likes because his wedding photographs are really popular and nice. The downside with 1 single photographer is that he would usually be very busy and his assistant’s skill would be a far cry from his.

On the other hand, if you want to work with an outdoor wedding photography studio, then Grandeur Wedding Studio is your ideal choice. The difference between Grandeur Wedding Studio and a single photographer like Kent Wong is that, with Grandeur, their photographers are all equally good and professional, and they have more timeslot availability. Hence, you will not need to worry about sub-par photographs or lack of suitable timeslots if you were to engage a outdoor wedding photography studio like Grandeur. If you want to engage their photography services, contact them here.

If you want indoor photoshoots with a single photographer, check out 36 Frames. The main photographer there is Ruey Loon and he’s a friendly guy. His studio may be simple and not too big, but I have seen his pictures on his portfolio and they look really decent. Contact Ruey Loon at 98573665.

If you want indoor photography with a studio in Singapore, then find Serangoon Broadway Studio & Bridal Palace Pte Ltd. They provide graduation gowns and photo shoots, but their main business is providing bridal gowns and photo shoots for the others parts of the year. Feel free to contact them at 62933998.

Wedding videography and photography are two different niches

Wedding videography and wedding photography are two completely different niches. There is a common stereotype that all wedding photographers are able to take wedding videos as well. This is completely untrue. Well, even though photography and videography is very similar, the techniques to excel in them are highly different.

Just like how a photographer needs to take years to perfect his photography skills, a videographer will also need to spend a huge amount of time to perfect his videography skills. There are different considerations when taking photographs and videos. For instance, the wedding photographer will need to stabilize his hands when he is about to capture a shot. The wedding videographer, on the other hand, needs to stabilize his hands all the time when the video is recording.

Hence, if you want to purchase bridal videography services, you have got to look for wedding studios or individual wedding videographers. Some wedding photography studios have in-house bridal videographers as well. The only group of people that will not be likely to offer you videography service are the individual wedding photographers.

Wedding photographers usually will want to concentrate on taking photographs. They will not venture into professional videography. Even if they take up videography in their leisure time as a side hobby, they will still want to offer only wedding photography services. This is because a good wedding photographer will get countless of wedding photography leads in Singapore every year. He will find his schedule packed just by going for the wedding photo shoots. He has no spare time for other professional activities. Besides, if the photographers diversify their time away from photography, their photography skills may be rusty over time. This will affect their main source of income from wedding photography. It is always better to be master of one, rather than jacks of all trades.

So next time if you want to engage both bridal photography service and bridal videography service, do not be surprised that different people will be taking pictures and videos for you.

Advantages of choosing a wedding photography studio over individual photographer

A common dilemma that couples will face when purchasing wedding photography services is whether to get their wedding services from a wedding photography studio or an individual wedding photographer. From an unbiased point of view of professional wedding photographers, we advice you that a wedding photography studio can provide you with more benefits.

Firstly, due to the fact that a Singapore wedding photography studio (eg consists of many wedding photographers instead of just one photographer, you can be rest assured that your wedding photo shoot will be executed according to plan smoothly. There are risks that an individual wedding photographers may not be able to perform well on the day of the wedding photo shoot. For example, the wedding photographer may fall ill, or may be emotionally or physically affected due to certain events in his life. There are no substitutes to replace him. On the other hand, a wedding photography studio will be able to replace the wedding photographer for you if anything happens to your original wedding photographer at the last minute. The chance may be low, but the possibility is there.

Secondly, a Singapore wedding photography studio is able to provide you with multiple wedding photographers if you require it. This is commonly requested for the actual day wedding photography where the couples will want photographs to be taken at multiple locations simultaneously. For example, at least one photographer each will need to be at the bride’s and groom’s houses in the morning of the actual wedding day to take photographs of their preparation phase. Normally, the bride and groom will prepare for the actual day wedding at roughly the same time in the morning. Taking pictures of their preparations will form a complete picture in their wedding album.

Thirdly, wedding photographers from wedding photography studios are usually more capable and skillful. It takes a certain confidence in their photography skills and experience to set up a photography studio in Singapore. The reputation of the company is at stake.

Choosing A Singapore Wedding Photography Studio

Picking the right Singapore wedding photography studio can make you very happy and pleased with the final results and not worry about a single thing. However, picking the wrong wedding photography can be absolutely disastrous. I have read stories by brides on online Singapore forums sharing about their horrible experience with their wedding photographer and that has made them very unhappy each time they looked at their wedding photos because it reminded them of the photographer. I do not want that to happen to you and that is why I want to review some of the popular wedding photography studios in Singapore and share my thoughts as well as advice with you.

1. Grandeur Wedding

Based at 16 Purvis St, Grandeur Wedding Studio is one of the more prestigious wedding photography studios in Singapore. They take very beautiful pre-wedding and actual day wedding photographs in my opinion. Although they offer ROM wedding photo shoot and videography services in Singapore as well, they advertise and market their pre-wedding and AD wedding photography much more so I believe that is where their strength lies. I have seen their pictures and many of my friends have too. I believe my cousin had pre-wedding videography and a friend had AD photography with Grandeur Wedding Studio. I like looking at the pictures they took and edited, and I urge any couple to check out their website if they’re interested in having pre-wedding or actual day wedding photography in Singapore.

2. Pixioo

In my opinion, Pixioo has relatively decent wedding photographs as well. If Grandeur Wedding’s images have a more glitzy feeling, then Pixioo has a more ‘next-door’ feeling. It’s not my cup of tea but for couples who prefer such photographs, you must check out Pixioo. I have 2 friends (meaning 2 couples) who got their wedding photography with Pixioo and their photographs looked really cute.

I have good impressions of Bloc Memoire and Nat Studios (more of overseas photography) as well, but because I didn’t have friends who actually tried them out in reality, I’m not sure how they would be if you actually engaged them, so I prefer not to review Singapore wedding photography studios which I don’t really know yet. Hope the above helped.

What makes a good wedding photographer

As fellow wedding photographers in Singapore, we have extreme pride and passion in our wedding photography jobs. It is this very pride and passion we have in our job that pushed us to constantly improve our photography skills and reach new plateau. We want to dedicate this post to the aspiring wedding photographers to let them understand whether they are cut out to be a good wedding photographer. In addition, this post is also for the general public to know more about the wedding photographers in Singapore who are very seldom featured in the different medias.

So, what makes a good wedding photographer?

In our opinions, a good wedding photographer must possess these traits:

1. Deep passion for photography
A deep passion can push you far into any industry you venture into. It gives you the motivation and power to continue learning the trades and skills needed in the industry. Without passion, you will find yourself slacking around and not making full use of the time to upgrade yourself to stay relevant in the industry. Your photography skills will only improve greatly over time if you have the passion for photography. If you want to come in for the money, then I will suggest you try other industry as they is not enough to push you hard enough to attain a good level of photography skills.

2. Meticulous
A wedding photographer must have an eye for details. He must notice the small details on the objects or the backgrounds when taking pictures. Any slight change in the details may affect the whole picture. In addition, he must also be detailed when doing the post photo shoot editing of the photographs so that he will be able to produce fabulous wedding photographs for the customers.

3. Caring
A good wedding photographer is also a caring one. He must take note of the couples’ energy levels and moods throughout the photo shoot. If he feels that the couples may be a little tired or moody, he should call for a short break to let the couples recharged and freshen up a little. The couples will feel their hearts warmed and be appreciative of this caring effort. This will also tighten the bond between the photographer and the couples.

You can see that we only focused on traits and personalities of the person instead of skills. This is because we strongly believe that with a good personality, you will be able to acquire the relevant skills eventually and succeed as a wedding photographer. If you possess these traits, we welcome you to join Grandeur Wedding Studio ( as an intern to learn wedding photography skills from the experts. Soon, you will be qualified enough to handle the actual wedding photo shoots.

Wedding photography packages in Singapore

Wedding photography in Singapore is a common wedding service that majority of the locals will get. It is already embedded in their culture to get wedding photography service on top of hosting a wedding banquet. There are many different kinds of wedding photography packages in Singapore. As a savvy spender, it is prudent to understand in detail the various options you have before signing up a wedding photography package in Singapore.

As the demand for wedding photography in Singapore is high, the prices of wedding photography packages are typically high – ranging between 2 thousand dollars to 8 thousands dollars for a standard wedding photography package. Anything below this range is not unseen, but it is critical for people to understand that those photographers who offer a lower price than the above price range are usually beginners. These photographers are using low price to entice people to sign up for their wedding photography packages. The quality of their pictures are not consistent. I will not recommend couples to opt for that option as you will not want any flaws in your wedding photographs which serve as one of the most important items in your marriage life.

A standard wedding photography package will consist of a full day photo shoot session, a wedding photo album, a make up service, and transportation provided for the entire day. There are some wedding photography boutiques that omit certain services or products such as leaving up the wedding photo album which you will need to pay additional monies on top of the wedding photography package price if you want to develop the wedding album. You must be meticulous and read the terms of the wedding photography packages carefully before signing up for them.

There are also additional value-added services and products such as an additional photographer on the scene or additional photo frames which you will need to pay extra if you want to take them up.

Most wedding photography packages will consist of photo shoots to be conducted locally. If you are signing up for a photo shoot overseas, the wedding photography packages will usually not include the cost of air tickets and accommodations overseas. Hence, you will need to take these into account and see if your budget allows for overseas photo shoot.

Choosing A Bridal Gown

One of the most important things that all brides in Singapore must know is that wedding gowns will only look good on you, not because they look good, but because they suit you most.

Therefore, you need to know how to find a wedding dress in Singapore that best suits you. Many brides think they got this, but in reality, they do not know what they are doing. Do not ruin your big day by nursing a big ego.

Here are some tips from a professional bridal gown boutique in helping you pick a gown that actually suits you and will make you look so good. (Feel free to just watch the above video if you’re too lazy to read instead)

– If you want to make your waist look smaller, you should choose a chiffon wedding gown which rouches to one side. This is pretty effective at making your waist look smaller – which is what virtually every bride wants.

– Balance the shoulder with the hips. You do not want a much broader looking set of shoulders relative to your hips or you would very masculine, and you also do not want an overly big set of hips or you would not look very proportional.

– If you want to accent your bustline, then you should have a modified sweetheart neckline. That works really well in helping you improve the looks of your bust when you’re in your wedding gown. Another way to help you accentuate your bustline as well as make your waist look smaller is to wear a pretty belt.

– If you want to accentuate your arms, then opt for a wedding gown with off shoulder sleeves. These work great at drawing attention to your arms. Brides with fantastic looking arms might want to get a Singapore wedding gown with off shoulder sleeves.